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Deepanshu srivastava

H1B stamping for contractors

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Hi, I have been working for this US based company as contractor from india. They had applied for my H1B as permanent employee and it just got through. Since the visa was taking time to come they hired me a contractor and I was freelancing for them.

So I don’t have the salary slips but the invoices which I raised and got paid for. This would be for last 3 months. Will there be any issue in stamping process when I apply in india.

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Not enough information.

Did you have a H1 before and you used to work for them before going to india? or is this a new employment and you will be coming to US for first time?

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You are good to go visa stamping. What work you did for them while you ebing in India like freelancer will not matter, You will go to visa stamping as new first time visa stamping applicant. Just carry all the documents.

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