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Jenny Patel

Applying new F1 visa with previous F1 visa revoked due to shoplifting

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Hi, my F1 visa was revoked in May 2018 due to a misdemeanor case for shoplifting. I got arrested & pleaded guilty in the case, but the Public defense lawyer allotted to me told that I am not convicted. I was asked to pay some fine of $750 and do 25 hrs of community service. My case has been closed & I am on probation till December 4th 2019. After this incident, I got my fresh OPT and STEM OPT as well which is valid till 2021. Currently, i am working on STEM OPT extension. I am planning to apply for fresh F1 visa once probation is over from my home country.

1. Please tell me what are the chances of getting Visa in such a situation?

2. Also, What should I write in DS-160 for Question: "has your US visa ever been canceled or revoked?" and

3. What documents should I carry for the consulate interview?

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If your case is dismissed there will be a chance of approval, it means final court document will be dismissed..

Did you get any email from department of state that visa was revoked?

Hope for the best.

Mistakes happen don't worry.


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