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I am on H1B (systems analyst) currently. My friend has got lot of innovative products to work on in Healthcare field (not pharma). He used to bounce his ideas off on me and I would analyze and give him feedback which helped him to make a case and get investments/partnerships. He recognized my skills and wants me to join him as a co-founder. He checked with his attorney and he got to know about O1 visa. My friend plans to sponsor O1 visa and has already discussed with the investors and they are on board too. They want to secure an O1 visa asap (due to focus, timelines and goto market). I do not engage with them nor participate in any of the startup activities. 

My question is, can I work for some months on an active H1B (some commitments at current job) even after my O1 petition is approved?

I know if you transfer from one employer to another on H1B, you can stay with current employer for some time. But would it be same case of COS from H1B to O1?

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First, you helping your friend to analyze his ideas could be considered work, and could have put you out of status.

Second,  when a COS is approved you are in the new status. In this case, once the O1 is approved you would no longer be on H1 and could not work for the H1 employer anymore.

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