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H1B Approved for 3 Months Only

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Hi , 

1. I'm working as Contractor at Client Location (Employer- Vendor Relation). Vendor SOW is having Project End date as 12/31/2019. So My H1b Approved only for 3 months under consular process. Attorney asked me to go for Visa Stamping, If not H1b will not be activate. And currently i have enrolled into CPT as well. Will it be risky if i go for Visa stamping.? Because its approved only for 3 months. 

2. And i have another H1B which is filed from Different Employer and Status is "Pending" . Do i have to withdraw the second "H1B" before going to the Visa Interview .?

If anyone has faced this situation please help me. What all questions visa officer will be asking .?

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The CPT is of course a big red flag. Pretty much all Does are fraudulent.

USCIS obviously considers your use of CPT fraud, they believe you are out of status, that's why the H1 was not approve as COS.

Getting an H1 visa will be very hard.

Abuse of CPT is essentially a career killer. You may want to start looking for a job in your home country.

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