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Multiple H1 Transfer case while Extension is in RFE

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Hi i m employed in Employer A and extension was filed. Got RFE for extension and H1B transfer was initiated by employer B just before a day of I 94 expiry date. For now i havenot joined Employer B yet and currently working with Exployer A only.Now i got very good offer by Employer C and H1 pettiton was going to be filed today, going to join there in another two weeks.   May i know what are the risks and possible steps to be taken after  joining with Employer C to make sure i need to get I 94 after my Visa got approved with Employer C



If my current employer didnot respond to RFE after joining the Employer C what is the situation. If Employer A responds to RFE and it is failed then what is the stituation with Employer C? 

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I am assuming your I94 has expired by the time Emp C is applying for your H1B. If Yes, it will most like be a consular processing which means if approved you will have to go and get a visa stamped and come back. I797 appoval notice from USCIS is not your Visa. Visa is what is stamped on your passport.

If Emp A responds or not, it will not have any impact on you petition for Emp C. 

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