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Surrogacy in India

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Currently, my husband is a GC holder & I am on EAD (Derivative applicant based Husband's EB2). Recently, my GC got approved, however did not receive GC. We are planning to use a surrogate in India, with donor egg. Please let us know the process to bring the child/children into US. Also, we are planning to go with 2 surrogate mothers in different states, so we may have children born on different dates & have birth certificates from different municipalities. We are just trying to increase are probability of having children, so going with 2 surrogate mothers at the same time. 


What is the immigration process to bring the child/children born through surrogacy with donor egg into US

Will there be any issues to bring them into US due to usage of 2 surrogate mothers without much gap. 


Thanks for your help. 


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Generally, this can be challenging a matter. The law generally provides that a the child of a Green Card holder born abroad may be admitted to the USA as a Green Card holder if the child's first trip to the USA is with the mother's first return trip to the USA after the birth. To apply the existing law to the context of a surrogacy birth one should consult with an immigration lawyer on how such might work.

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6 hours ago, LizaPold said:

Does this apply to all countries or only in the likeness of India?

This applies to all countries.

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