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H4/EAD Extension and Traveling Outside USA

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Hello all

I have 2 questions about traveling while the H4 and EAD extensions are pending:

1) If H4 extension and EAD are filed together and H4 is extended before EAD, would we be notified separately? I need to clarify this as we would like to plan international travel, once we have H4 extension, even without EAD.
2) When the EAD extension is pending, if the applicant travels outside USA, does it negatively affect the application process? Also, in this scenario, does it matter if the H4 visa has been extended or not by then?


Thanks for your help


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1. It is risky to travel while extension petitions are in motion. H4 extension will be denied if the petitioner is not in US for the extension.  H4 EAD depend son H4, so H4 EAD will be denied or a RFE will be sent out to say the least.  

What do you mean by notified separately ? H4 extension and H4 EAD applications are filed using two separate forms that generate two separate applications number , which will generate two different notifications.

2. H4 EAD applicant can travel outside once the application is pending with USCIS but if H4 EAD application depended upon H4 extension as in your case, I do not see H4 EAD getting approved if you travel outside US.

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