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STEM OPT travel plan clarification

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I have a doubt in my mind and would like to clear it from the people who are there in the group. If anyone of you guys tried or experienced this then please share your thoughts and comments.
I am on STEM OPT and is valid for another 1 1/2 years. I am working as a contractor. My job location is in Omaha, NE but my employer is in California.
My question is I want to travel to India next year and I am planning to fly from Boston (return flight) and from there I will be coming to Omaha again the same day. I am doing this because I want to travel with my family who stays in Boston and flight tickets are pretty expensive from Omaha.
  1. Can I travel this way?
  2. If yes, what question I will be facing from immigration officer?
  3. Can I say that from Boston I will be travelling to Omaha the same day where I work (Will this be acceptable by immigration officer)?
If any of guys have experienced it then please share your thought. Really appreciate it for your help.

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