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H1B to EB2 to EB1

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Hi,  My total experience is around 18 years (12 years in IT consultant). I am with my current IT company for last 7 years. I had been working as Manager out side of USA for 10 months before coming to USA. Currently, I have been working in USA with H1B visa for 3.8 Years with the same parent IT company. My company is ready to process my Green card under EB2 category due to less than 1 year managerial abroad experience. However, other criteria like managing team, budgets etc. are fulfilled as per EB1. My questions are:
1) If I repatriate & complete remaining tenure i.e. 2 months out of USA. Will I be eligible for EB1 process? I heard I have to be out of USA for a complete full 1 year instead of 2 months as I was on managerial position in abroad more than 3 years ago. is it correct? 
2) If I will start my GC under EB2c, Can I start my EB1 process along with EB2 later on? Is this a simple process or difficult process? I think I need to repatriate from USA for at least one year to start my EB1 process, correct?

I really appreciate your time to read the post & providing your valuable advice. Thanks!

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