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Applying for UnderGrad on H4/EAD?

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Dear Community,

I am not sure if this is the right place in the forum to post this question; I could not find any relevant post so posting here for help on this topic.

I am on H1-B visa and on EAD (for 8 months); my kid on H4 and EAD (has SSN now) and in process of applying colleges in USA (CA is home state) for under grad.
I am confused what to enter in the citizenship status of college applications; there are options like Visa (which is H4 and so on) and also US Permanent Resident (which we are not yet) but has EAD and SSN (one step before getting a GC)
I have called multiple colleges where we are interested to apply (in state and out of state) and none of the colleges have an idea about this so not sure how the admissions office is going to pursue the application.

If anyone has gone through this situation in the past or going through, please any information is helpful in this matter.

Thank you!

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I would enter the last visa status he entered the country and if no Adjustment of status is approved. His current visa status is H4 for what I understood. You are not a US permanent resident till you recieve you GC, so dont mention that.

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