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Switch from H4 to J1

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i saw similar topics discussed here but it is little different. please provide some guidance.

My wife is currently in H4 EAD and it expires in June 2020. She is currently doing her residency and it completes in June 2020 same as her H4 EAD expiry date. She got fellowship offer which requires her to join in J1 and they don't accept H4 EAD.  Her fellowship program starts from July 1, 2020.

My questions are :

Can she apply for her J1 from US?

Does this needs to accompanied by change of status?

What is the average time of approval?

if its approved, what will be the status of her H4 and H4 EAD?

Will she be able to complete her residency in H4 EAD if her j1 is approved?

If we decide to apply for j1 from India, is it possible to apply in June and get it approved in same month? what is the average time there?

Thanks in advance,



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Well, the employer can not choose. She has employment authorization. That's all that matters. There is this form I-9. It clearly states that the employer can not pick and choose. It is also unlikely that she would even get a J1.

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