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Working remotely from Canada on H1b

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I have an approved H1B until February of 2020 and I am planning to work remotely from Canada. Both my employer and the Lawyer say it’s ok for me to work from Canada and they say it should have any impact on my h1b. My payroll will still continue to be run from usa from my employer. 


My question here is that can I continue doing this and if yes then how long? Does it impact my ability to come back to usa later and will it impact my green card processing when it become current? I have heard different stories from different folks but want to see if anyone here has any knowledge on this topic.

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You would have to have work authorization in Canada to work from there.

The H1 is work authorization in the US. It has zero meaning if you are not in the US.

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Both my employer and the Lawyer say it’s ok for me to work from Canada  - is this a desi company with desi lawyer or what. What about your permit to work in Canada. What about taxes in Canada. Dont you think if it so easy and with out any issues then every h1B employer/employee will take this option. Please consult experts and then take decision.

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