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Questions on OPT and GC-EAD

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I hope you are doing well. 
I have few questions on my current STEM - OPT EAD and GC-EAD.
Last week only I have received my GC-EAD Card based on my marriage to US Citizen and current I also have STEM OPT is valid till 2021. 
So, can I use both the card as a work authorization. As I want to keep using my STEM OPT with my current employer as if i use my GC-EAD then I will not follow the rule of F1 and my F1 will got terminated and I don't want to do that. I want to continue work on my STEM OPT till I have Green Card on my hand. So, this way I want to keep my F1 status active. 
Also, I am planning to start some part time job as well which is not related to my field of study so, can I use my GC-EAD as a work authorization there.
Here, I am using both the work authorization OPT for my field of study and GC-EAD for non-technical work on part time basis. 
Awaiting your response !!! 

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Your F1 is redundant in view of your GC application. You can continue to work in the STEM job by using the GC/AOS EAD as work authorization. If you do that, other part time jobs will also be possible. Forget F1. It has no meaning to you. Marriage to an USC puts you in a safe harbor. No effect on you if you do not have F1 status.

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If you filed an I-485 the F1 is gone. You have to use the EAD tied to the I-485.


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