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Mothers Green Card Consuler Processing

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Hello - I am a US Citizen applying for mothers Green Card. My father passed away earlier this year. Thereafter we applied for her Tourist visa at New Delhi embassy as want to bring her to USA as nobody is there with her. She was denied Tourist visa twice at Delhi Embassy and we have been told our chances of getting the Tourist visa are now negligible. I need help and requesting clarifications. As a Petitioner (son)  I am enclosing the following documents with the Application :

1) I-130 Completed 

2) Certificate of Naturalization

3) Passport Copy 

4) Birth Certificate that has my mothers name 

5) Fees of US $535 made to Department of Homeland Security.

6) Copy of my mothers passport 

7) Copy of her Expired Visa from 1997 which is asked as part of Form

8- Her Aadhar Card and PAN Card and a school certificate showing her date of birth

Here are my questions:

a) Do I need to include I-864 (Affidavit of Support) to be included with application or that comes at a later stage?

b) Do I need to include my paystubs from US Job along with my Income Tax Returns with the application?

c) How long is this taking for Parents GC CP these days ?

d) I don't have her birth certificate and marriage certificate - are those required for any reasons?

e) Is there anything else I should include that I may be missing above in the list?

f) How long is it taking to get through CP these days for parent?

Appreciate quick responses and help to these questions.




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Follow the Instructions provided.


Only send documents they require. They will get back and offer DNA testing to be done by you and your Mom if they want to prove the relationship. Only send documents required and wait for the process as in the hyperlink. Your fathers Death Certificate will be needed at some point. A very straightforward process which can be delayed if you send documents not requested by them.

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