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Husband EB2 filing and then Spouse EB1 filing by her employer

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We are a family of four with my little sone being  an US citizen, the GC filing is in progress for me, my husband and my daughter.

My husband has his I-140 approved by his old employer in 2014 with EB2 filing PD as May 22, 2014. Later he did H1 transfer, changed employer and since July 2018 he is working on I-485 GC EAD status

Later for me my employer did the EB1C filing in 2018 with my PD as 30 MAR 2018. Please note that both I-140 and I-485 are concurrently filed for me and my family, where for my spouse I-485 was filed as SPOUSE of EB1 applicant.

I had my I-485 interview on June 2019 and himself on July 2019 and awaiting approval.  My daughter's I-485 was  erroneously rejected by USCIS (receipt and package never received at both attorney and myself) on incorrect filing fee status and was not agreed at several requests with evidence submission on proof of cheque, bank record transactions etc for which finally my employer Attorney is working with AILA liaison in this regard and awaiting response.

At this moment, I would like to understand what is my husband PD and preference classification to validate on the Visa bulletin- Data of Action where EB1 showing 01 Jan 2015 and May 2009 for EB2. Request your help to understand his PD and Preference classification and date his 485 be considered in processing time (Current).

My daughter's L2 status is over by end of this month ( with my L1A maxing out by that time) with her I94 valid till Feb 2020, request your help to understand if by chance 485-filing be done in this short time frame despite date of filing not being current or her current 485 scenario be appealed based on evidences

Evidence details be furnished based on interest.


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