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Same-sex marriage H4 stamping from India

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Hi, have not been able to find any case as such and hence asking for opinion/experiences. Both I and my spouse are currently working on H1B (cap-exempt) . We got married in USA (same-sex) and I have recently filed for an H1B to H4 COS which is pending (Duh). Although my attorney says it should not be a problem, I am kind of scared, that if USCIS denies the H4 COS for any possible reason (there isn't any so far)  I will have to go back to India to get my H4 stamped as I am leaving my job.

India still do not recognize same-sex marriage and I am not sure what documents they can ask. Obviously we had a court marriage in USA, with a reception in presence of family and friends, but would they ask for religious marriage documentations? We don't have any and we won't be able to do anything like that. 

If anyone can share any experience it would be a great help. We have been living apart for the last 10 years and it is getting more and more difficult for us.

Thanks in advance.


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The H4 stamp would be at the US Consulate. That's legally US territory, and Indian laws don't matter there.

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