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Green Card for Parents

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Hello, I am a US Citizen by Naturalization. I m planning to apply green card for my parents who are currently in India. 

1. Getting Medical Insurance - In general it is going to cost more, are there any programs or benefits that can help us to get the discounted rate? Will the medicare or medicaid will applicable to them? 

2. What are the benefits they can get once their GC approved? 

3. Do they have to stay all year long in US, or can they stay 6+ months here and remaining in India? Will this be a problem in the future if they apply for Citizenship?

4. What are the documents needed to apply GC for Parents (Currently they are in India)?

5. During the GC process if they are fly US on B2 Visa, what steps and measures we need to take care?

Appreciate your help with this matter.



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1. Check out Obama Care or the State exchanges where they will live. The premiums are based on their income. Consider the possibility of the Republican Sages eliminating Obama Care next year with the help of the 2 latest Supreme court savants in which case Insurance could be a deal-breaker for them.

2. The same as you got with the Green Card.

3. Permanent resident implies staying here for the majority of the year and also they will need to file taxes on their worldwide income in the USA and obviously subject to dual taxation Treaties. They have the obligation to also report deposits more than 100000 USD in their Indian banks.

4. https://www.uscis.gov/i-130

5. Once their GC is filed future tourist visas are not possible though anecdotal reports suggest some people in this situation have visited without being found out and in Trump's America, I would strongly urge you to resist the temptation of potentially subjecting them to being sent back if they come over on a tourist visa after an Immigration petition is filed for them.

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Appreciate your inputs on this. What if they do not have any income as i will be supporting them and will be staying with me. 

When it comes to Tax filing, am i allowed to claim as my dependents? or they have to file their own taxes?

How long does it take to get the GC for them?

Once again thank you for your inputs.


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