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EB3 GC Interview Completed

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I have completed my GC Interview in 9th January 2019, but still awaiting the i-485 Approval. Now the dates for EB3 have gone back to Jan 2006. How much time do you think will take to approval. My priority date was in June 2007 - EB3. Can you please let me know. 

Can I take a Full time job using my EAD?

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hi Rajesh, 

Curious, what was the feedback from your interview?

As per my knowledge, possible outcome from the interview: Approved - you will get GC card in sometime or wait for your dates to be current, RFE (Request for more evidence) or other?


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Hello Rajesh,


My EB3 AOS Interview was on Oct 4, 2019, I am also in similar situation.  I was given a letter with the first option ticked.

It says, Your case must be reviewed, we do not need any further documents at this time.....................

It's nearing a month since the interview took place and no update.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed.


Did you receive update in your case? Can I know how long it took for your status to change? 



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My EB3 ROW interview was on 30 Oct '19 Chicago .

The interview was approx 30 min and the officer told me check your mail in 3 - 5 days.

So far my status is My interview was completed and my case must be reviewed.

One of my friend went to same office on Oct 7 he got approved very next day.




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