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F1 Visa stamping PHD

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Hello Friends,

One of my cousins had a master's degree and he was working on OPT and applied for h1B twice and it  got rejected first time and did not get picked up second time. Currently, he is enrolled in cumberland university in Phd program with CPT. His original f1 visa is expiring and would like to get it stamped in Mexico or India as he is going to travel to India in Feb. May I know what are the chances of getting F1 stamped for him? 


He prefers to get the visa stamped in Mexico so that he doesn't have to worry about India trip in feb. Please suggest. 

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That is a fraud institution. A PhD is about doing research 24/7, not working with CPT. It is abuse of CPT, plain and simple. It is unlikely he would get an F1 visa, nor any H1 in the future.

Furthermore, their "PhD" programs all seem to be online, as per their website. It is not allowed to do online educational programs on F1.

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Unfortunately his chances are from zero to none. The combination of Cumberland university and CPT have effectively ruled out any credible career in the USA.

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