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Father Visiting USA for the second time after his 10 year Visa extension(2nd time 10 year visa)

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My Dad was in USA once when he had 10 years of Visiting Visa sponsored by me. He left to India after 4 months of US stay when he first visited.

My sister sponsored my Dad once his Visa expired after 10 years, and my Dad never visited after he got his 10 year extension. My Sister's family completely moved to India.

I am planning on inviting my Dad to stay with me for few months, Will there be any issue in the airport or during Immigration?, since the sponsored person is no longer in US.

I am giving an invitation letter to my Dad, to carry it during his travel. I am also going to send my passport details and US Address.

My Dad and I are worried, if he will have any issue during Immigration. Anyone in the same boat experienced any issues before?

Thank you for reading through this and answering in advance.


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There is no concept of sponsorship for a tourist visa though anybody can pay for the trip.

Your Dad will have no problem at the POE. He will need a return ticket to show only if asked. Do not send any invitation letter.

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There is no sponsoring for visitor visas.

So there is no problem.

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Visitor Visa is not tied to sponsor but to your father. It should not be a problem. At the port of entry, he should answer truthfully. There should not be any problem.

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