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Visa stamping with DUI and disorderly coduct charges

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Time for me to contribute to the community.

Mine was bit complicated case.Below is my background.

Came to USA in 2006 for masters. Went to india few times on F1 and got stamped on H1 in 2009.
From 2009 I am with same employer till date.

In 2010 Aug I got charged with DUI. And in Dec 2010 I got charged with dis-orderly coduct and later down graded to city ordinance.
With the fear of rejection I never went to visa stamping after these incidents.

Finally I decided to go for stamping hyderabad consulate this month. Below is how it went.

One Ds-160 I mentioned both arrest records.

I did some preperation before interview for DUI and took my medical test appointment ahead of time.
Below is the link to book appointment. This is the only way to get appointment. No phone appointments


They will send email with appointment confirmation date.
For me intially I got it for June 13th. I replied to the email requesting it to pre-pone it to June 11th and they accepted my request.

June 9th - ASC finger printing
June 10th - 9AM visa interview
VO was very nice and proffersional


VO: Asked for passport and I797
VO: Employer name
VO: Client letter
VO: How long I was working with employer
VO: Job duties
VO: Highest level of education
VO: Where did I do my masters
VO: Looks like you had DUI
Me: Yes
VO: What happened
Me: Explained
VO: Asked for any other documentation about incident
Me: I gave court disposition letter
VO: Asked for BAC limit
Me: I aswered it and offered her police report which has all the details
VO: Asked if the DUI was misdemeanor
Me: I didn't know how to ansnwer this I said yes. But actually mine was not misdemeanor.
    Certain serious DUI's will be categorized as misdemeanor DUI's. Mine was not
VO: said I have to complete medical evalution and said at this time they can't give visa as they have to do some administrative processing
VO: Game me yellow slip with medical panel details
VO: Returned Passort/client letter/LCA/
VO: asked if she keep court disposition and police report originals
Me: I said ok
Me: I asked VO if there are any other concerns to issue my visa other than medical test DUI
VO: repied that no other concerns just medical was the only pending thing.
Me: I left the consulate

VO did not ask me anything about second incident eventhough it was mentioned in Ds-160

June 11th - Medical exam.

Need to bring Passport (Original),
Xerox copy of passport (first and last page),
Consulate notification which has the case number,
6 visa size  (2'x2' size) photos,
medical records if any. No fasting required. Do bring your contact lens kit if you use.
The cost is INR 13000.

Address: 8-2-293/HH/89, Huda Heights, MLA colony, Banjara Hills Road 12, via ACB HQ Lane).

I went there at 9:30. The front desk guy said it will take full day.
The person verifying documents and taking money was very rude. She rejected my photos and she was talking in very dis-respectful language.
Other staff was very polite and helpful.

It will be a long process before I saw the doctor.

They took blood samples and urine samples. They took height/weight and eye test.They took X-ray
After 3 hours finally went into the physician room.

He asked my few questions about my drinking habits and some behavioral questions.
Don't say anything that's going to be red falg to the doctor at the same time try to be honest.

He did physcial exam like visual examination of my body and few other things.

They gave me a CD of my X-Ray and said they will send my reports to consulate in few days.

On June 14th I got an email from CMM medical facility that they submitted my reports to consulate.

Online case status showed Admin porcessing last updated on June 10th.

At this time my only option was to wait until consulate sends some update.

On June 13th sent an email to support@ustraveldocs.com I got standard responponse.
I read some scary stories only about admin processing taking months.

By June 20th I got so restless and read lot of threads about admin processing delays.
Finally I have decided to send emails to hydadmin@state.gov,hydcea@state.gov as suggested in some posts.
My email has my honest story about my situation and I explained that my entire family was waiting on visa to travel back to USA.
I immediately got standard reponses from both emails.

In few hours I got another reponse  from hydadmin@state.gov to submit my passport in VAC locations.
I was so happy to see that email but my online case status still shows admin processing with last updated date June 10th

June 21st I have submitted my passport with 221g letter and copy of passport submission request email
June 24th case status changed to last updated to June 24th
June 25th case status changed to issued
June 27th passport ready for pickup.

picked up passpot and consuate returned all original court documents



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