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Yashwanth C

What are my chances of getting rejected on H1B visa stamping as i worked for non e-verify company during my STEM OPT?

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I am currently in my STEM OPT visa and i worked for a non e-verified company for 1 month and immediately terminated the employment after knowing that i violated the immigration law. Now my H1 petition for year 2019 is approved and i am planning to get stamping in India during the month of October. 
1. What are my chances that H1 stamping is denied due to above black mark in my record? 
2. Or should i open up in DS-160 form saying i committed this mistake and won't repeat in future? 
3. Are there any alternative ways in which i can convince USCIS or consulate people about my mistake so they wont revoke my visa? 

Meanwhile, looking for an immigration attorney who can do consultation so i can post any of my on-going questions moving forward. 

Thanks in advance

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1. hard to say exactly, as we do not know exactly what transpired nor is it our business

2. being truthful is best, playing word games causes far more problems than solutions

3. see #2


an immigration attorney will most likely charge you for some new story to tell instead of the truth...which does not sound optimal...for the client. An immigration attorney's job is to try and turn fact into fiction; a CO sorts out the two.

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You can work for non e-verified employer for the first 12 months. It becomes a problem when you go for OPT extension. I dont think you have any issue. But I am not a lawyer. 

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