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H1b-RFE premium Processing

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Hi all

My current H1b Visa got expired on Feb 27, 2019, within two weeks of filing I got RFE

 Even me and my colleague applied at the same time and got RFE at the same time. We responded to REE on Jun14th 2019, I responded with normal processing and my colleague went with premium processing . Now he got the results approved with 3 years extension( though we had SOW till sep 2019 with client letter being mentioned as renewable every year upto next3 years)

Since my RFE response with normal processing time at vermont center.  Is it worth to wait until I get my RFE Response( I have another 3 months left for my 240 days expiry)? OR should I go for premium processing since my colleague got approved( we work for same company, same RFE questions we received)

Kindly advise as I am in dilemma whether I should go for premium  . Some of my friends suggesting going premium inbewteen after we responded my get in trouble .. 

Kindly advise what is best ...should I wait for some more time or go premium processing ?

Thanks in advance.

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I think this question should be asked to an immigration lawyer and not to anyone on this forum. That's the only way to get a reliable answer to your question. 

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Presumably, the company filed and you should touch base with HR and the Immigration team to ask whether PP is appropriate now.

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