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Discrepancy in admit until date of passport and I94 for my parents B2 visa

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My parents visited for first time to USA on B2 visa. They entered chicago on June 18 2019. I just verified I94 and the admit until date is December 17 2019. But when I checked there passports I see admit until stamp as September 20 2019. But they booked tickets to stay for 6 months.


Please help me on which one to consider. Can they stay for 6 months as per I94 or will it be a problem as the stamp on passport has September 20 2019 written during port of entry. 


Thanks in advance.

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"The period of authorized stay a business visitor or tourist can remain in the U.S. is controlled by their I-94 Entry and Departure Record within the Customs and Border Protection database. "

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