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Question about family/group appointment

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My parents are planning to visit me in US. My father never applied for US visa while my mom held 10 year visitor visa which expired last month. So, she is planning to utilize drop box facility (hopefully she does not have to attend interview!)

Now my question is, while my father is filling out DS 160, does he have to start a family/group application and start filling DS 160 for my mother (even though she does not have to attend interview?) I understand she has to complete DS 160 for drop box option but was wondering whether my father has to wait until my mother's DS 160 is completely filled out to schedule his visa interview appointment?

Thanks for your suggestions! 

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The most suitable way is to apply together. Your mother may not have to go for interview but father needs to go. In worse case, they may both have to go through interview. If their case is genuine, there shouldn't be any issue.

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