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Stamping with 2 Part Time H-1Bs

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I currently work for part time on H-1B for 2 employers concurrently (16 hours for one employer and 24 hours for the other). I have 2 approved 797's from both these employers. I want to go back to India for my visa stamping sometime in the next couple of months. 

However, when I fill out my DS160, there is no way to specify 2 petitions/receipt numbers in the form. You can add a 2nd receipt number, but not for the same class of visa. When putting in the the 2nd receipt number for the 2nd H-1B, it gives me an error saying "Duplicated Purpose of Trip to U.S. provided. 
". Also when I go on the US Embassy site to schedule my appointment, the system doesn't allow you to specify 2 receipt numbers as well. 

My question was, how do I go about scheduling an appointment when I am applying for 2 part time H-1B visas with the above constraints? Has anyone been in this situation before? 

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I saw this post and was hesitant to post my views on this since this is first time I am seeing such cases and only legal experts like attorneys can guide you. Please contact one before you start your journey...

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You will need and only get one visa for the employer with more hours. Did you not have any contact with lawyers when the companies filed these petitions? 

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You always only apply for one visa. You probably have to show the approval notices for both H1 petitions when you enter.

But it is always only one visa.

There is no such thing as "part time visa." A visa is an entry document that allows you to enter the US in the particular status associated with the visa. Pet time or full time are specifics of the H1 petitions, which are separate from a visa.

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