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Citizenship application for parents - required documents

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I am looking for some guidance regarding the required documents for citizenship application for my parents. 

They are Indian Citizens currently. Both are above 65 and have green cards for more than 10 years now. They do satisfy the residency requirement and were never out of the country for more than 6 months since they got permanent residency. They got the GC based on IR0 category - Parent of adult U.S. citizen.

I am reading up on the required document checklist for N-400 application and would like your feedback regarding the following documents. 

1) Marriage certificate - my parents were married in 1974 in India and there is no official document certifying that. I was told that this is a required document. Since they both live in US currently - is there any other alternate option to satisfy this need? 

2) Birth certificate - Is it sufficient to submit just my birth certificate or do i need to submit the BC of my brother and sister as well (one US citizen and another permanent resident)

3) Tax Returns - they have never received any income and have not filed any tax returns so far. Will it be a problem? 

I am wondering if missing any of these could delay the processing or should i wait till I gather these documents first and then apply? Please share your experience if you applied for your parents and what documents were asked during the interview? 

Thank you.

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Read the Instructions carefully. Send only what is appropriate for them. What documents did you use regarding Marriage and Birth during the GC process?

What are they doing about medical Insurance? If they are using Obama Care then they had to have filed tax returns even if not subject to taxes.

Have they declared their Indian assets if worth more than 100000 USD? Or do they not have Indian Bank Accounts or significant assets?

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Thank you for your response. 


I will reach out to the law office that helped us with the GC process back in 2007. From what I remember, they didnt ask for a marriage certificate then - and for birth certificate, we used the non availability certificate and a notarized affidavit from 2 witnesses. Since then, it seems like the USCIS changed the rule for birth certificate to be an official one for DOB after 1970. I should be able to get that one. 


They have not claimed medical insurance through Obama care - so I think we are good without filing any taxes. 

They have bank accounts in India - but the total assets in their name is not more than 100000 USD. I am curious about this condition and would like to know more. Can you share or point me to the guidelines regarding the assets that should be declared? 


Thank you and appreciate your quick response. 

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Check out FBAR on Google. How are they managing their medical issues? Maybe you are financially very well off and can pay? 

Whatever happened to getting health Insurance or paying a fine at least till this year.? as per federal law.

Certainly, if their Income from India is less than the TAX threshold here, they may not file taxes. But in the present situation, the tax aspect may come up while applying for citizenship. Just an FYI to keep you prepared.

Just my 2 cents in case they were not aware. 

In any case, the tax returns are not required in their checklist though they could ask for it. Most likely apply and they will be fine. 

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Thank you. I will check the FBAR and file that form, if needed before applying. 

They have been on visitors immigrant coverage so far. Other than few lab and radiology bills, we have been lucky so far [having couple of physicians in the immediate family also helped]

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On 6/21/2019 at 4:39 PM, pontevecchio said:

Please get them Insurance from the state or federal exchange ASAP. Visitors Insurance does not and never has covered GC holders. 


Thank you - i have checked with the insurance agent and I might have used the term "visitors insurance" incorrectly there. The insurance I got is specific for GC holders in US  - it has a max covered limit and is only useful for ER and short term hospital stays. As you suggested, I will also check the state exchange to compare the coverages between the two. 


Appreciate your help.

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