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H-1B transfer / withdrawal issue

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I am a masters student and was initially on OPT. Company A filed for my H-1B in COS which got picked in May 2018. I rejected their offer and joined company B in June 2018. Company A requested H-1 withdrawal on Sep 17, 2018 before COS took effect. However, my school DSO said they could not do the SEVIS data fix without revocation notice from USCIS. They mentioned I can continue to work with pending data fix in company B, until OPT expires. Until now, company A's withdrawal is still pending with USCIS and I did not get revocation notice yet. My OPT expired on June 10, 2019. My DSO mentioned they cannot issue the i20 for the stem extension without the SEVIS data fix. So, Company B applied for stem extension without the i20 and with a letter from DSO explaining my situation.

Additionally, on May 20, 2019, in order to force USCIS to withdraw Company A's H-1 and get the revocation notice, B filed a PP consular cap counted H-1 transfer based on the Company A's I-797 approval notice. But the H-1B transfer got approved.

1. What is my status if my stem extension application gets rejected. 
2.. I never worked for company A, so when I go for visa stamping, will my H-1B with company B get rejected? 
3. Once company A's withdrawal is processed and USCIS realizes I never worked for company A, what happens to the H1 transfer that is approved , will it get revoked?
4. Can you please suggest how I can solve my issue?


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This is a very complicated matter. Why don't you tell us what happens when you do go for the visa?

The lawyer for company B should be able to give you more information.

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