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F2A application with DUI record

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Hi all,

I am currently in the green card application process and I had my interview in my home country on 5/13.

I am embarrassed that I had a DUI record in CA in 2015, I had finished the community service, courses and paid the fine before leaving US in 2016

During the interview process, the officer who interviewed me said that the DUI case is ok, physical exam (including assessment showed that there is no alcohol abuse problem.) is ok too. He returned me my passport with a 221-G slip and asked me to wait for the notice.

I received a phone call from the embassy on 6/3/2019, they told me that they could not execute the "approval" operation in the system because of my DUI record, they had asked the bureau in US to clear that record then they could approve my visa. (I assume what she said might be the FBI background check)


The status on CEAC are:

updated date     status

5/13                    Administrative Processing

6/5                      Ready

6/12                    Ready



Please execuse the inaccuracy of language, I translate the conversation to English myself. I am not sure if this is the normal process? Does anyone have the similar experience? About how long it is going to take?

Thank you for any kind suggestions or sharing experience. 

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