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chances of getting B1/B2 visa from canada after H1b extension denied and F2 rejection

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I am going to apply for B1/B2 Visa from Canada. I have Canadian PR, Employment and Lease Agreement. What are the chances of getting approved after getting H1B extension denied once and two times F2 Visa Rejection. The last I applied for a visa was this February. what are our best options to get  it approved?

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15 hours ago, Noah Lott said:

what has changed since the last two times? If nothing but a different story, that is not a change. Apparently your spouse is in F1 status...the H1b was denied for some reason(s) and now it just looks like you want back in the US ...having applied for an F2 shows that you were willing to abandon whatever short term employment you dreamt up during your last interview...no one will believe that you are so strongly motivated to return a job held for minutes....I imagine the COs believe that you want back in the US to return to work...and the B2 is not the visa for that..in spite of whatever promises you may offer to the contrary..

F2 Visas was applied when I was in India. as now we have moved to Canada with PR. will that be any good for us?

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