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Arrested or Convicted? Traffic Petty Misdemeanor DS-160 H1b Stamping

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I have two traffic tickets for which says

Convicted of a Petty Misdemeanor
Conviction deemed a Petty Misdemeanor pursuant to Minn. R. Crim. P 23.02


One for Speeding at 85 in 65 zone. offense was considered petty and convicted as petty Misdemeanor and i was 

fined $221  [No court appearance, court no arrest]



Second was for driving with a cancelled license. I was not aware that my licence was cancelled and told the same when the cop pulled me over.

He gave me a Ticket which said Misdemeanor and said it would be automatically cancelled if it was a Mistake. In MN people need to go for a status check

even though the license has a different expiration date. I forgot about the status check . They probably send me a notice to my old

address and i missed that because i was not staying there any more. I paid a

 fine of $279  [No court appearance, court no arrest]


Now my Question is

Should i fill in these details in the DS-160 where it says  .

"Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime , even though subject of pardon, amnesty or similar action ?"

Also would These Tickets cause any issue with my H1B stamping ? 



Please Help .. 


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For case 1 - Yes

Case 2 - I guess Yes

Expect 221G since they might want to cross check and see everything is fine. But that does not mean it is certain. You might get with out 221G. But prepare to face 221G

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Petty misdemeanor in MN is not a crime but Misdemeanor is. All crime related charges , arrests and convictions should be disclosed on ds-160. Your best bet would be to get your case reviewed by competent immigration attorneys. 

You do not want to make a third mistake by listening to someone on forum in such critical matters. 


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