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H4 Visa Stamping - 221G

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Hello Everyone,
My family was eligible for dropbox processing.  While my wife and daughter got the visas approved, my son aged 14 got a 221G asking for an in-person appointment for a H4 visa renewal.  
However, his profile is linked to his Mom's profile and the appointment calendar does not show any dates.  Pls. refer attached screenshot.  Has anyone encountered such a situation before?
Additionally, I have the below questions:
Does it mean that I also need to take a bio-metrics appointment?
Can I use the same MRV receipt that I used before or do I need to pay again?
The earliest appointment dates in Mumbai are in August.  Is there a process to get an earlier appointment and faster visa processing citing travel dates and school start dates?
Do I have to look at a different embassy especially since the earliest date at the Mumbai embassy is late August?
Thank You!

Blank Appt calendar.PNG

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