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Having US stamped Visa. Candana to US entry?

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I have a valid US H1B Visa stamp on my passport. I got  Tourist Visa to Canada.Currently in USA and planning to go to CANADA.

While entering into USA from Canada,  do I run into any Port of entry Issues?

My stituation:   H1B Visa is valid for couple of months with Employer A but current Employer B extension is in-progress.  Employer  B is already applied  extension is in[process  (Employer B transfer is already approved and  I got 797A) . 

1) If I travel to Canada with in the Visa validity -entry into USA is a prolem?   (Irrespective of employer approved Visa)

2) While extension is in progress, is it risk to travel to Canada?

Did any one is has similar situation and got into USA with no issues et all? 


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Yes you can travel with your Old Visa and new i797. In the port of entry you need to tell the officer that you have an new approval with a new expiry date and get that updated. The POE officers near canada-usa border and always in a hurry. So you need to talk to him and tell him this. 

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I guess you can go to Canada and enter USA back and at POE CBP office may ask about your future plans about H1B extension and just say the truth. Can't you avoid the travel?

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