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Maiden name or marriage name?

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Spouse is LPR and applied for my I-130, and we have priority date August 2018. I am eligible to file for I-485 based on June 2019 visa bulletin. I am on valid H1B status in USA with validity until 2021. I-130 was applied just after marriage, so spouse still had maiden name (before marriage name) on I-130 application. Her Green card also still has her maiden name before marriage. After few months, she got her surname changed because of marriage, and now, her driver's license and SSN card has new surname after marriage.

1. On my I-485, I-864 (Affadivit of support) and other forms, which name should my spouse use? Is it before marriage name or after marriage name?

2. Is it mandatory to apply for I-90 now to get spouse's new green card updated with new surname after marriage and send this I-90 receipt copy or new green card copy along with my I-485 application? Does it mean she has to first get Indian passport also updated with her new surname to get her new Green card?

3. If yes, spouse is eligible for Naturalization in 2 months. Does it make sense to not apply for new green card for spouse now, and also not apply for my I-485 now, and rather apply for naturalization for her directly in 2 months, and then apply for my I-485 at a later time? Because we renewed spouse's Green card only late last year because it was expiring and paid $ amount, and applying for her new green card again means we need to pay money again, especially when she is close to applying for citizenship, and new new green card with updated surname would not be much useful in the longer run when she might be getting her USA citizenship in about 1 year?

Please advise.

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