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Planning for Visa Interview

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Hello Experts, Need your thoughts...

1. I am on H1B and it is good for another 2 years. 

2. I am on EVVC Model and been working for this client for almost 2yrs now. 

3. Been with same employer since my H1B. 



1. What are the current waiting time to get visa slot in Hyderabad ?

2. What are my chances of successful visa interview, being in EVVC model ? Should i really worry about that model ?

3. What kind of questions can i expect in my scenario?


Please share your opinions/thoughts. 

Thanks in Advance. 




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Please do not post in multiple forms. You already posted in visa stamping forum.

1. 3+ months

2. EVVC model is risky. But few got their visa stamped on that model. No one can guarantee the outcome. If this is not your first stamping you can go to Mexico either Nogales, Matamoros, Tijuana.

3. No one can say certain about this. Prepare for all questions.

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