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Unable to get PCC from Dubai

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My parents had attended their Green Card interview in Mumbai, India in March but got a 221G due to missing documentation - which were the Police Clearance Certificates/PCCs  from Bahrain & Dubai, UAE.  We have obtained all PCCs now for both of them except for the PCC for my mother from Dubai. The UAE authorities are unable to retrieve her stay/travel details in their system as she was there about 27 years ago & had stayed there for only ~2 years, as a dependent ( on spouse/family visa).   Will the Consulate reject her case based on this missing document or is there any alternate documentation that will be accepted  by them in lieu of the PCC?   Any information is appreciated.  Thanks!

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I am in the same boat. Parents lived in Kuwait for many years, last left in 2002. It is going to be next to impossible to get a PCC from Kuwait from them. Are there any alternatives? I am yet to file the DS260 but am concerned that this could become a huge issue. Any suggestions?


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You can check with an attorney if there is an alternative for PCC. I suppose if no records can be found about a person, the question of PCC doesn't matter from that country.

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