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MY EB3 Interview Experience

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Hello Friends,
Here are my case details:

PD- 03/25/2009, EB3-I
EAD/AP Approval - 04/04/2019
EAD/AP card received - 04/10/2019
485 Interview scheduled - 04/14/2019
485 interview date - 05/21/2019
485 approved - 05/21/2019

GC card received - 05/28/2019

Employment details: full time employment.. direct employer... Non-IT field.

My interview experience:
I never thought that my interview will be so short and easy. Our appointment was at 1:00 pm, and we arrived at 12:45. After check-in at lobby, the officer asked for interview notice letters and medical reports (we did not submit earlier with 485 packet) behind a glass counter. He said, he have to put together all these documents and be back. After 10 minutes he came back and asked us to go with him to his office. After entering office, he asked us to raise hands and take oath (just a simple one liner), he told that my wife has a new A number, so he updated on all pages of 485 application.

First question: What is your last name,
second question: how do you spell
he asked my date of birth, place of birth,, where do you live, How long you been living there, do you still work for xXxxxx company,,, I answered "Yes" officer... What is your job title? I answered my title... while asking me questions he was checking my application with red pen.

then he asked same questions with my wife... and again turned to me... and asked:
When was the last time you entered USA, where did you get married... so you both were married and it's your first marriage...we smiled a bit.
He asked my parents names and where are they living.

He turned to my wife, and asked her parents details..date of entry, etcc...
Then he randomly picked some questions and we answered NO to all.. except Question 25.. he asked... were you ever arrested? I said NO,, then he asked,, you marked yes... I told that I got citation for traffic violation so that's why I marked Yes.... He said,, other than traffic tickets did you ever get arrest or charged... I said NO officer.. and he himself answer Question 27,, which I marked yes in application.. he said.. so you pleaded guilty for traffic violation...I said,, yes officer, I paid traffic ticket... he made that note on the application. Same thing happened with my wife's application on Questions 25 and 27.. she also had a couple of traffic tickets.

At the end, he asked to sign the form and he signed...both our forms.. He said, all he needed was medical reports.. He didn't even check our birth certificates and other documents.
He gave me two letters (one for me and one for my wife) saying that I am approving your case and H1 and wife's H4 status are not valid anymore, and you are permanent resident of USA as of RIGHT NOW. He stamped both of our passports with a big blue stamp, which says "temporary permanent resident valid for 1 year with dates..and also work authorization".. he sealed with a federal impression seal, and said we can use the stamp for travel if needed.. I was surprised to get my passport stamped.
Officer said, we will get our GC in a week to 2 weeks in mail.
And asked, if we have any questions. We said... No, and thanks a lot for your time.. He said...Welcome.
and he walked us out of his office.

we went into his office at 1:05 and out of office by 1:17... I know the time because we had to Check-out in the lobby.. Sorry, if it was too much information.. I thought I would share my experience and relieve stress for at least some.
Status updated online to "new card is being produced" in the evening.

I have learned a lot from this forum, and also from other online sources.. thanks to all contributors and to this forum for providing this platform..
It was a very long 10 years journey to get greened.
Good Luck to everyone.

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