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Hello All,

Some strange thing happend today on my I-140 case. My I-140 was approved in June 2016 with my previous employer. He withdrawn the case on April 10, 2019 as I moved to different employer.

And I saw the case update for withdrawn online on April 10th. But today (June 5th) the case updated with this information online saying that “Post office returned the notice we sent for you” and after that immediately the status  is showing as “Request for additional evidence”.

Is it something to worry about as I already transferred to new company based on my I-140 ? Why would there be any RFE after the withdrawl ?

looks very strange.

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Should not concern you. Furthermore , USCIS's online tool is not top of the line. 

The only issue that can affect you is of fraud related to i140 petition.

You should engage your new employer to file i140 for their own position.

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OK Thanks for the info.

One question.  I am planning to go to H1 visa stamping next month. Will the RFE status of I140  have any effect during my visa interview? I have copy of approved I140 though.

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