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H1B-7th year extension - clarification

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I have an approved I-140 for my academic position from my former employer (university). However, i have subsequently changed employers and presently at a different university - although the department/field is still the same, the category of my employment is different  Pay wise there is not much difference between the positions although the new position is in a different state. 

Given this background and what i have read here in the forums about members expressing concern about changing position/employer, i wanted to know this. Whether an H1B extension beyond the 6th year could be filed by my new employer just on the basis of  the approved I140 from my former employer? Or would starting the green card process (starting from PERM) be necessary all over again (or making any amendments be necessary) to extend the H1B?

I recall @pontevecchiosaying 

"If you have an approved I-140 with ANY employer, ANY employer can file a three year extension based on the approved I-140. If the I-140 has been approved more than 6 months back, you are entitled to any number of 3 year extensions with ANY employer till the PD of this I-140 is current."

However, reading the posts of other members here (who had changed jobs or whose job nature changed (from business to technical etc.,) and whose attorney recommend amending the H1B/Green card application or restarting the process, i just wanted to confirm my understanding is right.

Thank you.


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Once an I-140 has been approved for 180 days plus, you are entitled to further H1 extensions beyond the initial 6. If you are interested in the GC, the new employer would need to file for you. 

You should discuss your matter with a lawyer. 

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