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Aswin P K

EAD Details Correction

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I have applied for L2 EAD for my spouse and got the card on May 1st week. When I checked the card recently I found out that her gender on the card was mistakenly given as "M" instead of "F". On inspection of the application document we verified that it was a mistake from our side while applying. She has not started working yet but plans to start in June last week.

I understand that we need to get the card details corrected by filing a new i765 application and submitting the fee and sending the card back to USCIS.

Could any one please help me with the following query regarding this.

1. After sending the card for correction ,can she still work in the US using the old card number/details.

2. Can she join for the job using the EAD card now and after joining send it for correction and continue to work till the corrected card is received. Or she can work only after getting the card details corrected.

Thanks in advance. 

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She should discreetly enquire of the employer as to what they would want her to do.

Alternatively, she can hand over the EAD as employment Authorization and see if it is accepted. If so and if it transpires that she did not notice, she can go with the flow. The sex of a person is not material for most jobs.

If you wish, let your lawyer guide you.

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