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Citizenship not granted

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My wife appeared for interview previous week.

She had gone to India for delivery 7 years back and had stayed for 189 days.   

After receiving full in civics and clearing the english they had lot of time to grill her.

My fault, if the application was sent 6 months later, this travel record would not have made appearance in N-400.

But anyway, after rapid questions (did you own property then?  was husband also in India with you?  why do you even care for citizenship?)

The lady handed out the letter stating no decision and supporting documents needed.

But one incident happened.  My wife gathered courage towards the door and said but this was 7 years back.  The lady would have thrown a rock at her if she had.  She furiously yelled "even if it was 10 years you cannot overstay.  We have all records."  Frustrated.

But anyway, most puzzling is the query that was provided. 

It asks for records for for previous "5 years" travel history, previous "3 years" tax transcript, 3 years address proof.

Can't seem to make any sense.  I have the record of income tax with wife's name in joint filing even for the period she was in India. 

But the query does not ask any of these, like during the interview.

Should those be added in the response as well, as there is no more interview, is the dilemma! 

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Travel 7 years back has no connotation for Naturalization. Just send them what they asked for. If she qualifies, they cannot turn her down. No assumptions are necessary and while it is not acceptable to say "why do you even care for citizenship" it is perfectly fine to ask why a person wants to naturalize. I would bet my bottom dollar that the second possibility was what happened.

Things like "throwing a rock"  "furiously yelled" are not acceptable descriptions. You are letting your anger cloud your judgment. Always stick to the bare facts. She qualified for Naturalization. Should there be any issue after sending the requested documents and ONLY the requested documents should you consider the next steps.

It is most likely she will be approved after sending the requested documents.

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7 hours ago, to_vaib said:

Why didn't your wife yelled back? This is no way of treating someone.

No, that's not the right way to deal with this.

The proper way is to stay firm but respectful, and immediately afterwards get a lawyer involved. A shouting match would get lost, saying "you'll hear g I'm my lawyer" and actually following through with that is the only way to deal with these examiners who violate their government oath.

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