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Urgent: Employer change multiple transfers

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I worked for Company A. Got an offer from Company B, they have initiated transfer in premium processing. I have started working at B with receipt notice and the case is still pending ( 4 weeks till now). Mean while I got another opportunity from Company C after I joined B. They have filed my transfer from A (note: Company C doesn’t know anything about B) and it got approved. Now, I wanted to go to C. 
My Question: Is it legal to go to C (approved) since it has been 4 weeks that I have already worked for B( case still pending). Will there be any issue in the future? Please let me know your suggestion.

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You can join C after resigning B. No Issues.

By my personal thoughts, if C doesnot know about B how they managed your work details for that period. If they completely kept USCIS blind, while visa interview how you will cover your time at B. They might ask you what you did during that time.

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