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H1 Transfer after layoff

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I was laid off today from company A. I need to transfer my H1 within 60 days and the validity is till March 2020. I have a couple of questions.

1. Can I file transfer to two different companies say B and C? 

2. If yes to 1 then lets say I apply transfer to both at the same time and both are approved which one is valid?

3. If I apply B first and is approved  and I don't want to take it and apply to C after which H1 copy should I submit to C? the approved H1 transfer of B or the original H1 of A?

I really appreciate if anyone can help me answer this . I am planning to take legal counsel too but just wanted to know if anyone has gone through this situation.


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1. Yes

2. You can join which ever you like and other company will let USCIS know that you no longer work for them and they will revoke your H1B. This is as per law.

3. If you join B then H1B of B else H1B of A. I am sure if C is good company they will advice you.

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