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H1B Stamping and H1 Transfer

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I am currently working for Company A and my stamped Visa with this employer got over by 12/31/2018. Also got the H1B extension approved for 2 years. I got offer from Company B and H1 transfer is in progress.

I have a situation to go to India now and I am going to Visa dropbox using Company A petition (Still didn't submit resignation in Company A). Could you please help me with below questions

1) If Company B H1 transfer petition is approved, will there be any issue in Visa Stamping using Company A petition as there will be one more approved petition from different employer.

2) Can I join Company B after coming back from India. Since Company B petition will be having my old I94 number, can I join using that petition and work for Company B

Thanks in advance!!

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If company A petition is valid and they didnot revoke it on the day of interview you can go for company A approval and get it stamped. After coming to USA you can join compnay B.

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