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Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy while on initial H1b Urgent!!!!!!

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I recently got my H1b 6 months back. I am planning to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as I had a huge debt that I am unable to pay. My concerns are

a) Does it affect my H1b stamping when go back to my country for stamping and returning, will uscis do the credit check?

b)does it affect my current job and future job in IT software industry

c)My I 140 perm process starts later maybe after 3 years and then file for a green card which easily takes more than 10 years by checking the current date. And chapter 13 Bankruptcy will be cleared in 7 years from history. Will uscis check my bankruptcy filing while approving I140 or H1b extension.

d) Will there be any impact on green card as it will be after 10 years even it is filed along with I140 it takes more than 10 years to be considered by uscis as per the flow and queue, by that time it will be discharged, so will they check at the time of I filed or when time comes as for Indians its more than 10 to 15 years in EB2.

Please give me a solution...Its very urgent.....

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How did you manage to get a huge loan in the first 6 months of your H1?

a. Your financial credit is irrelevant to USCIS.

b. It depends. For example, Banks may do a credit check for employees in certain areas.

c. Your financial credit is irrelevant to USCIS.

d. Your financial credit is irrelevant to USCIS.


 Why the extreme urgency?

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In general companies only check for criminal history - they don't care about your credit history.

Like already stated USCIS never cares about this.




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