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CS Technical Degree, Business Management Role (H1B LCA SOC code)

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I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science, but i work as a Business Technical Analyst role in a Prime Vendor IT  Consulting company. 10 years experience

I wanted to see what are the SOC codes that will be suitable for this kind of profile to file an H1B.

13-1111 (Management Analyst)

15-2031 ( Operations Research Analyst)

I wanted to see which one of the above will be a good SOC Code with less changes of RFE on  Specialty Occupation .


I am open for suggestion for any other SOC code that might be appropriate for a profile like mine.

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In the current immigration scene, I would recommend that you do not go this route.  The past is being dug up and you don't want to be classified under the "not specialty occupation" clause. Unless your employer is willing to give you paperwork that says you have a role in line with your Computer Science degree, which is unethical, I would say, stay away.

I have a friend of mine who did exactly the same thing, MS Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, worked for 12 years, moved to a startup with the designation as Product Manager under a different SOC code. I don't know specifically what SOC code he changed it to. He is currently in India and has not been able to come back for the last 7 months. That's my 2 cents If you have no other route, I would say connect to a good attorney or talk to your company attorney.

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