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H1 B Amendment Approval

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I got my H1 B Amendment Approval till Sep 30th 2019, My H1 B for Six years will end by this Sep 30th 2019. I would like to travel to India and get Visa Stamping. I never got Visa Stamping on my Passport in these six years. Is this is the good time to go to India for visa stamping with this short Period of Amendment Approval? I'm scared to go to India for Visa Stamping now. My I-140 is approved, my next visa ext will be filed in August 2019 with my I-140 Docs.

Please do suggest me, Can I travel to India now with this short period of Amendment Approval.



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If you are confident about your profile you can go to India for visa stamping. There are lot of people who are getting stamped in India. Its only that they do not post their experience. They only post in case of 221G. If not you can go to Canada. Mexico will not allow first time H1B stamping. In order to go to Mexico you must already have atleast one h1B stamping.

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