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H1 LCA Software Developer (15-1132) with no computer science background

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I am an FTE with IT Company and working as Sr. Healthcare Business Analyst (internal products).

I have my I-140 approved for PD Nov 2013. My company is NOT h1 dependent.

I have a Master’s Degree (MBA) and Bachelor’s Degree (B.com) with 15+ years total experience and 9 years in US (working on H1 since 2010).

I never had issues with extending my H1 all these years. (not even a RFE so far ) 

I have all my previous H1 LCA title as Computer Programmer (15-1131) and my employer has changed my H1 LCA title to Software Developer (15-1132) for my H1 extension due on June 2019. (I have my I-94 till June 30 2019)

My company filed for my H1 extension recently:  
Mar 11 2019 – H1 Filing 
Apr 24 2019 – Premium Processing

Apr 30 2019 – RFE – Specialty Occupation

 My question here is does new change H1 LCA title as Software Developer (15-1132) is safe in my case?

What are the possibilities of H1 getting approved – can we justify RFE

What would be my other possible alternatives 

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I am sorry to say but I feel you are lucky to get previous H1Bs since your highest degree Master’s Degree (MBA)  and LCA does not match and for the same reason they gave RFE. I feel even Computer Programmer might also lead to RFE. Now a days they are following rule of law more rigorously

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