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When to file AND Taxation

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1.) I got my Green Card on Aug 25th 2014 and I looked at the Early Filing Calculator which shows that I can submit my application on 27th May 2019 (in another couple weeks). However it also says this "You MUST meet all other eligibility requirements when you file". I'm not sure what does that mean and what other things I need to file 90 days early. I have never left US for vacations more than couple weeks since I got the GC. So I presume that I maintained the continuous residence. Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

2.) I know that after the naturalization, we can live outside US but still have to pay taxes here. Does this mean that if we are paying taxes in US, we dont have pay in the country where you are currently living? Because tax-code says that you only pay income tax once.


Appreciate the insights!


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If you live abroad you of course have to pay taxes in the country where you live. Most countries have tax treaties with the US, so, you can deduct taxes paid abroad from your US tax obligati. You still have to file US tax returns.

And this applies for Permanent Residents as well.

As for the naturalization requirements, USCIS on their website has a worksheet which also explains the "other requirements."

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