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H-1B job overlap while I was on paid leave on my previous foreign employer

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Hi, I have a concern about filing I-485.

My previous job was in another country and the working contract with them ended 9/30. I was on paid leave 9/7-9/30 due to accrued vacations (with an authorized vacation sheet from the previous employer) and I was not working for them during that period. That meant my previous foreign employer paid me salary for the whole September. I didn't give my previous employer any resignation letter. When the contract ended, the employment relationship ended. My previous employer knew I was moving to the US for a new job.

Then I moved to the US on 9/12 with H-1B visa and started to work with my new employer from 9/19. For the period of 9/19-9/30 there was a job overlap even though I was on leave. I just figured out I might have violated H-1B regulations.

Would such overlap impact my I-485 application?

Should I list 9/30 as the stop date and give USCIS the authorized vacation sheet as a supporting document to explain?

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